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You've been through hills and valleys before and God has gotten you through, but now you're trying to conquer them with children and for some reason it feels different.

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Life is known for having its ups and downs but after having children, you're stretched to champion it well so you can create a healthy legacy for the following generations.

Maybe you've had life modeled for you but the shoe didn't fit, or perhaps you're a first or second generation Christian and you want to rise to the occasion to become who you were meant to be but you're feeling isolated and have no one to go to that will provide healthy, unbiased support.

You want to be sharpened and challenged, but you're also overwhelmed by the demands of life that you don't know where to begin.

Hello, I'm Diana

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, A Wife for 15 Years and Mom to Two Children


As a child of a first generation immigrant and engineer, I grew up learning what it meant to work hard and do my best. What I didn't learn was how to manage relational and emotional conflict. It wasn't until the school of hard knocks that I realized the value of relationships and how to press into God to transform my pain into a source of strength. This isn't just a cliche for me. As a practical, goal-oriented person, I have discovered simple yet profound ways of shifting life's problems into sources of strength.

I am a family and relationship expert and speaker with over 10 years of experience. In addition, I coordinate Redefine LLC, a collaborative group of talented independent private practitioners whose common passion is to help people discover perspective and pursue growth.

I have created solutions for common, yet challenging life situations and am offering them in courses and consultations so that every family can reach to their highest potential.

Become the Family that Sets the Standard

Every parent wants to give the best life to their own children, advancing the next generation. Not everyone knows how to achieve this or where to turn for support. That's why we have developed courses and tools to help you.

Raising Sweet Peace Digital Parenting Course

An online parenting course for the toddler and preschool phases. Offer closes after the first 100 people sign up.

Join today for $.99 (Note: Your first subscription billing of $19/month begins 30 days from date of purchase).


Psychotherapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are offered for anyone seeking help treating a mental or emotional disorder. These services are provided at the offices of Redefine, LLC.

Work with Diana one-on-one to treat your anxiety, depression, or other behavioral health concerns.


Inner Healing Prayer Session

Participate in a two-hour session to connect closer to Jesus and heal the broken areas of your heart to release pain. These sessions are facilitated and completely reliant upon the Holy Spirit. Although this service is therapeutic, it is not therapy. Each two-hour prayer session is only $75.

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Want to End Your Child's Tantrums Without Crushing Your Child's Spirit?

Learn why common parenting methods won't work in teaching children to obey rules and manage feelings while discovering effective and biblically-based strategies.

Media Contribution

"Diana is a dynamic speaker. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. Diana's enthusiasm is contagious to other mental health professionals to providing quality care for families and children."

Karis Wong, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor Intern at Christian Counseling Associates

"Diana does a wonderful job and goes above and beyond. Our families loved her and gave nothing but positive feedback. She has helped so many of my teenage girls that were struggling with social and anxiety issues. The hospital staff loved her as well. I value her approach to dealing with families and patients."

Amy McClatchy, M.D., F.A.A.P
Pediatrician at Professional Association for Pediatrics

"Diana was my first supervisor when I graduated from school. She was also my externship supervisor and was amazing! She was always willing to go the extra mile to meet with me when needed and also challenged me to think critically. She has truly helped shape my therapy style and I will forever be grateful!"

Madison Bishop
Career Counselor at Eastern New Mexico University

"I have known Diana to be trustworthy, consistent, a hard worker, and very knowledgeable in the art of counseling. She has specialized in her training of working with children. Diana is a friend and colleague of mine that I would recommend for anything she would choose to do."

Pam Stewart, M.Ed, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor at Pastoral Care and Counseling Center, Abilene, TX

"Diana is a caring, compassionate therapist who genuinely desires the best for her clients."

Dan Carpenter
Carpenters for Christ

"Diana is a person of excellence who works passionately to bring healing to her clients and their relationships and families. I highly recommend her."

Cindy Hatcher, LPC, LMFT
Private Practice and Founder of Revive Leadership International

Cultivate the Heart Event

Ever had someone tell you to just give your pain to God only to realize you must have sticky fingers because you have yet to get rid of your pain?

I am offering a free 3-day course  teaching women how to engage God with your pain and grow closer to Him. The group starts on February 21st at 7pm CST. Due to the interactive nature of this group, space is limited to 50 women.

If you are willing to actively participate in learning how to personally relate with God in a deeper way, and learn how to hear from Him to address your heart issues, join this group by clicking below. Apply now before open enrollment closes.


Cultivate the Heart Event

Starting soon. Space is limited. Apply today.









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