A Word for the New Year

kingdom living spiritual health Jan 15, 2019

Some people enjoy creating New Year's resolutions, setting goals to push themselves towards growth and wellbeing. One practice that some Christians do is to set aside time with God at the end of the year or beginning of the new year and ask God to give them a word for that He would want them to focus on.

In 2018, my word was STEWARD. I felt the Lord tell me that I need to learn about the practice of stewardship and apply it is several areas of my life, such as stewarding my time. For me, 2018 was filled with incredible encounters and equipping. I had the privilege of hearing speakers that have been forerunners in the faith for me, paving a way to show me what living for Christ could look like. Some of these people included Heidi Baker, Will Hart, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Shawn Bolz, Kris Valloton, Dan McCollum, and Todd White. Yes, this was all in the same year. I know God imparted so much within me and that year was filled with activations that unlocked hidden secrets of Kingdom living.

My word for 2019 is INCREASE. I sense God calling me to increase what He has deposited and for me to continue to nurture these seeds. The way we increase in the Kingdom is to give away what we have. Sow our breakthrough in others, give, bless, and step out in faith by taking risks and seeing God meet us when we reach the end of ourselves, because that is when the supernatural happens. I look forward to the journey. What word do you feel like God is giving you?