Christmas Banana Snowmen

advent children christmas christmas activity snack Nov 21, 2021

Be a Pinterest champ and make this easy kid-friendly healthy snack, Christmas Banana Snowmen. Prep work is super simple, kids will love it and clean up in a breeze.

I have this idea in my mind that there is this perfect Pinterest mom who is great with crafting and cooking, takes her time in the kitchen doing all the fun things with her children, and has a heart of patience and a mind full of creativity.

I think I was that mom when my girls were tiny toddlers but now that I'm in my 40s, I find myself having a lot less energy and patience for those things. I still wish I was that woman, so every once in a while I look for Pinterest projects, pin all the things, and then never do them.

Now, I am totally down for a craft if it means I don't have to spend 1 hour read confusing instructions or watching YouTube videos just to get started, then another hour of labor making the craft, and another hour just for clean up.

I still think Pinterest is awesome and with the Christmas season here, my friend, Candice and I dove into research mode to find simple and easy recipes and crafts that any mom can do without much prepping or clean up. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Stay tuned because we have several others that we dug up just for you during this holiday season.

One of the things we came across is a super easy and nutritious snack from One Handed Cooks, but I decided to make a few slight changes to it.

The original recipe called for "currents or sultanas" to use for the snowmen eyes and buttons. I had no idea what that was and the girls weren't into using raisins, so we swapped that for mini chocolate morsels.

To keep my fridge from being overstocked with a bunch of produce only for them to go bad before we get to eating all of them, I decided to buy smaller portions of fruits and veggies from the grocery store. I love that they have small portions of fruits and veggies to toss into a lunch bag or to be used as a snack. It worked great since I only have 2 kids and didn't want a bunch of extra food.

Here's what we did to make 2 snowmen:

Yield: 2 Snowmen     Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 banana
  • 2 raspberries
  • 10 semi-sweet mini chocolate morsels
  • 2 green grapes (We grabbed a snack size since we planned to use 2 colors of grapes for snacks for the week and didn't want to buy large bundles.)
  • 1 baby carrot (I picked up a lunch snack pack and borrowed a baby carrot from it.)
  • 2 skewers



  1. Cut the banana in thick slices, at least 6 slices, to fit through the skewers so they won't break and to keep those little fingers safe from being poked.
  2. Cut 2 small slivers from the carrot for the snowmen noses and set aside.
  3. Cut the green grapes in half. Let the kids eat the ends that have the hole from the stem so the top of the hats are smooth.
  4. Let the kids assemble the snowmen, starting with the banana slices, then the raspberry, and lastly the green grape halves.
  5. Then, finish the decorating by dressing the snowman with eyes and buttons using the mini morsels and giving him his carrot nose.
  6. Finally, enjoy!

Note: You can trim the pointy ends of the skewers to protect little hands from hurting themselves.


The snowmen turned out super cute and it was an easy, healthy snack that required very little supervision on my part and zero skill on theirs. They were happy and clean up was a breeze. I call that WINNING. No Pinterest fail here!

Make these this holiday season and feel like a Pinterest champ along with the best of them. You're welcome. 😉😂

Post a picture and tag @unveilingheirs with your family creating or enjoying this simple snack!

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