Christmas Tree Stick Craft

advent children christmas christmas activity Nov 23, 2021

This activity caught my attention from because of the sticks to build the tree.  My first thought was, let's put on our jackets and go outside.  Yes, it is cold (well for me in MD it is) but any reason to take the kiddos outside and explore I am all for.  

Plus when I told my boys “we need to go find some sticks” They were more than willing.  

Considering most days, when we ride our bikes I say, “Can we not bring all those rocks and sticks home?”

This was the perfect little craft!

Time: 30 minutes

Here is what you will need:

  • Explore outdoors for sticks
  • String
  • Glue - I used a hot glue gun
  • Whatever little decorations you have at home (beads, buttons, pom poms, construction paper)  … or a quick run to the Dollar Tree!

Here are pictures from our fun time recreating this craft.

1 – Break twigs and use glue ( I used a glue gun) to fix them together. You need two long side pieces, one short crosspiece, and a little trunk.  I wanted a thicker trunk so I glue 3 small pieces together.


2 - Glue the end of the string to the top of the tree, on the backside to anchor it.

3 - Then wrap the yarn/string around the tree over and over again going from side to side and working your way up and down.  Once you are done wrapping the yarn/string, glue the end piece to one of the sticks.

As you can see, this part is serious ... hahaha


4 -  Now it is time to decorate! Glue your tree decorations onto the strands of yarn. 


5 - Don't forget the star! You can use yellow construction paper, or whatever you have on hand to make a star for your tree :) I happen to be at Dollar tree and they have a pack of these cute gold stars.

Hope you enjoy this craft! Post a picture and tag @unveilingheirs so we can see your family's tree/s.

With love, Candice

Unveiling Heirs Team