🏡🎄Fun Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

advent christmas christmas activity Dec 06, 2022

Want to have some fun this Christmas?

Every year, I enjoy driving around to look at Christmas lights. Last year with Bryan's family, we loaded up our cars and competed in teams of 4-5 for a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

Needless to say, it was a blast.

I'd love for you to have some fun like we did in 2021 so I put together a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt for you!

Take friends and family and give this scavenger hunt a try. You might be surprised to see how much more you notice when you are looking for decorations.

Whatever you do, please be safe driving and get someone else in the car that isn't driving to take pictures for proof.

To play along, download the free pdf below.

Share pictures on social media by tagging @unveilingheirs

I can't wait to see your Christmas lights scavenger hunt! This is a fun Christmas activity for all ages.

Diana Bigham


Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt - Low-Ink PDF

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt - Colorful PDF