Return on Relationship Investments

couples premarital relationship Feb 26, 2019
Weddings can be expensive. From the venue to the menu, you can spend a lot of money very quickly on the wedding day celebration. According to The Knot's 2017 Read Weddings Study, Americans spend, on average, $33,391 on their weddings. It is a great day to celebrate the joining of two individuals, but some people spend so much energy that they neglect investing on the marriage. What happens after the big day? Will they know how to stay connected in their relationship, avoiding burnout, know how to handle financial stress, conflict in parenting, etc?
Before a couple says “I do,” before spending money on wedding day details, they should consider investing in their marriage. The energy and resources put into planning the marriage will have a much greater return on investment than the wedding day bill. Couples can invest in their marriage with premarital counseling, tune-ups with a marital counselor 6 months in, or 1 year down the road, having regular date nights, marital workshops, getaways, etc.