Wondering when to talk to kids about sex?

Wondering when to talk to kids about sex?

I have heard this question multiple times, "When is the right age to start talking to children about sex?"

Sex is an important topic that we cannot shy away from as parents. It is not only a natural desire that humans have, but an important way husbands and wives connect in marriage. The problem is, too many parents are either too embarrassed to talk about it because no one told them how to talk about it in a healthy way or maybe they were shamed to talk about it, or they minimize the importance and assume the school system will eventually teach their children.

We should not view this topic as a one-time conversation, and definitely not a conversation about the how-to's of intercourse, but think of it as an ongoing dialogue about sexual health and development that is age appropriate with the intent to raise up sexually healthy individuals. Talking to your children about sex doesn't have to be awkward. It starts with helping children to know...

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