4 Key Principles to the Words We Use

faith growth spiritual words May 30, 2019

I enjoy baking my daughters' birthday cakes and making homemade buttercream frosting. There was one time where I wasn't feeling good but I was determined to make the frosting but I wanted to get it done quickly...so what do you do when you are in a hurry, you toss the full 1 pound bag of powdered sugar with the rest of the ingredients all at once instead of incorporating it slowly....or at least that's what I did.

POOF! It was an unfortunate mess once I turned on my Kitchen-aid Mixer. I realized in this moment that delicate ingredients do not need to be carelessly tossed in a powerful mixer. Much like our words, we sometimes use them irresponsibly and end up with a big mess, just like my kitchen.

I think that we often forget, or don't even realize the significance behind the words that we use to communicate. There are actually 4 key principles behind words that we use.

  1. Words reveal what's in the heart. (Luke 6:45) Especially under stress, the words we use communicate beliefs...
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