Grow A Profitable Therapy Business Without Increasing Your Hours

Boost your business income and stop trading time for dollars.


Do you struggle with...

Confusion on What You Need to Do

Need help with networking and marketing ideas but don't have time or money to waste figuring it out by yourself through trial and error?

Feeling Isolated in Business

Trying to establish a thriving private practice and don't have someone to turn to for help or brainstorm with?

Needing Revenue

Still trying to cover the costs of running your practice and making a profit you can actually live off of?

Are you tired of feeling broke in the mental health profession?

I've never met a counselor who joined the field looking to get rich.

Most of us become therapists because we have a passion to help people and want to make the world better.

Unfortunately, that passion can turn on us and lead us to "give away the farm" in an effort to take care of people, and literally put us out of business (can't do much good helping people then) or barely making enough to care for our own families...leaving us stressed and overwhelmed.

And if you're not careful, you could end up feeling like an imposter because you feel like your life sucks even while you're trying to help others with their issues. *SIGH*

On top of that, we can feel ill-equipped to run a business because we didn't get trained in it in school (hello Life University!) and the whole crunching numbers and marketing thing is not our forte.

So, what do most of us do? Look the other way, or wallow in anxiety.

But...You can not only be successful, but help your clients EVEN MORE...

What if I told you that you can make a greater impact in

  1. Transforming your clients
  2. Improving the mental wellness in your city, and
  3. Create sustainability in your business with integrity?

Would you be interested?

The first key is to:

  • Stop treating your business like a hobby and more like a business.

For every successful business owner is a solid plan that pushes them towards their goals, and a coach to help them get there.

You wouldn't expect your clients to be as successful without a treatment plan and you helping them address obstacles along the way, right?



Here's How You can Do This..

Book a Business Consultation

Here's what you will get:

Clarity in Vision

You can't reach a destination if you don't know where you're going. We will unravel the confusion about who you're supposed to help and define your business purpose. You will reach more people when you narrow in and define your niche, AND finally work with clients that you enjoy working with.

Get Practical Action Steps

Sometimes we get in our own way in our business and become stagnate on the dreams we have for our business. Get practical action steps to make your business goals happen. Finally get write that book you've been meaning to publish, create that e-course that your clients need, launch your podcast and start a membership group.

Business Boost

I've never met a mental health professional who joined the field for the money. Likewise, I never met someone who was able to stay in business if they ignored the financial health of the company. We will talk about ways to increase your income through multiple income streams and better serve your clients.

Are Your Ready for Breakthrough in Your Business?

Hi, I'm Diana Bigham, M.A.


AAMFT-Board Approved Supervisor

With 12 years in full time private practice, I have gone from knowing nothing about owning a business to running my own successful practice in the DFW area.

I know what it is like fighting to find the rhythm between running a business as a sole proprietor, giving the best care for clients, while maintaining a healthy personal life and being present for family.

I had large dreams to serve my clients but I needed a mentor to inspire and direct me...someone who has proven to be a successful and experienced entrepreneur.

In this picture, you'll see me with my mentor, Pedro Adao of 100x. He has grown 2 businesses that have earned him millions. That's right, multiple 8 figures. Having the right mentor matters.

I've been on a journey since 2018 learning under Pedro and developing my business to serve people at the highest level, while fulfilling my passion and purpose.

I've added additional income streams, self-published a couple of books, created e-courses and started a membership group, all doing the things that I love, helping the people I care about, and maintaining time for my family. I'm doing what I love!

If this is something you desire too, I invite you to book a consultation with me to see how we can expand your business too.

"Diana is a force. I am always so impressed by her dedication, consistency, and reliability. She works incredibly hard and cares deeply for those she works with. She is very gifted providing support and direction. She gives clear and manageable homework assignments to meet her clients goals. Anyone passionate and motivated to grow their business you would be blessed to work with her."

Therapist, Private Practice

End Entrepreneurial Isolation and Improve the Life of Your Business.

With over 10 years in business as a entrepreneur and therapist in private practice, Diana is sharing strategic steps to pass on what she has learned through the years.

Having gone from zero clients to a full practice in just a few months, she will help your business whether you are just starting your practice or are a seasoned veteran trying to get your next level of breakthrough.

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