The best gift you can give your child...

is how to connect with God, especially in the middle of a crisis.


Does your child get frustrated not knowing how to hear God and say:

  • "I don't hear anything."
  • "I don't get it."
  • "It's too hard."
  • "He just doesn't talk to me."

Or, maybe they lose interest and are not sure how knowing how hearing God is relevant.

Do you wish you knew about God when you were younger and wonder how life would have been different?

Do you want to surround your kids with resources to grow in Christ?

Do you feel unequipped on how to teach your child to hear from God and you just don't know how to explain it in kid-terms?

Are you overwhelmed trying to research the right tools to help you teach your child about the ways of God?

Give your child confidence knowing they CAN hear from God.

Learn more about this family-friendly online workshop.

Give Your Child Hope

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Meet Your Instructor, Diana Bigham


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Join this online training with your children and learn how to hear God and combat negative thoughts.

Created for children ages 8-12.

Dear Moms,

  • Do you have a hard time explaining to your child the ways that God speaks where they can actually understand?
  • Do you worry that your child won't know how to deal with their fears or anger, but you don't know how to help them connect to God for their hope?

When families are silent on faith, the enemy can become loud.

As a mother of two, it is important for my kids to know Jesus personally and for them to be able to hear God for themselves for all of the difficulties they will go through in life. 

That's why I have created a fun, engaging way for families with children ages 8-12 to be able to know how to connect with their Creator and demystify the process of hearing God.
Give your child practical tools to confidently recognize the voice of God and combat negative thoughts in just 60 minutes, and it can be fun and easy to learn how!
Join other families as in this one-of-a-kind training.
Families will learn to:
  1. Hear God's voice and direction, and
  2. Be able to combat lies that they believe.

What Your Family Will Get in This Webinar:

How God "Speaks"

Activity #1: Know why God wants to talk with us and learn at least 3 ways that He "speaks."

Who Said That

Activity #2: Learn to recognize the voice of God. Distinguish between your voice, God's, and the enemy's with this family-friendly teaching. (A value of $47)

Truth in Action

Activity #3: Get unstuck from negative thoughts about yourself, others, or situations you face. After this webinar, you'll know how to practice taking every thought captive and making it obey Jesus. (A value of $47)

Accessible 24/7

Watch this teaching when you want, and as many times as you want.

All of this value over $200, for ONLY $29!

"Where do I start with laying a simple foundation for my child's personal relationship with God?"

By the end of the 60 minutes, will be able to:

  1. Know that God created them for connection with Him and others.
  2. Understand the ways God "speaks."
  3. Recognize the voice of God, the enemy's voice, and their own thoughts.
  4. Have the ability to know how to remove lies and negative thinking.

Video Testimonial

See what thirteen-year-old Isis M. of Virginia is saying:


See what parents are saying:

"My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this activity as did my 13 year old. They understood the teaching and the importance of it, thank you so much for creating these fun and very educational videos!!!"

Mom of 4

"I was dealing with buried feelings that I didn’t even realize I had when a friend intentionally excluded me. The way you led us through the activity that allowed the Lord to bring this situation to the light. I now know it had nothing to do with me and it had everything to do with how broken inside my friend was, and that I really am not a "friend," because real friends would never treat you like that. "

Teen, 17

"My 6 year old was excited about doing the worksheet. He said that the activity was helpful and he wanted to do it again in the future."


"It was very helpful, as my daughter and I have been on this journey of hearing God for a few years now. This is unique... mainly because, it provides the wisdom we need to effectively process and handle the thoughts and feelings that produce inner turmoil. "


"My daughter loved your video! She really caught on to saying, "HMMMM and Ohhhh!" LOL. Thank you I believe I was enlightened as well!"

Mom of 3

Who is Diana Bigham?

A Wife of 15 years and Mom to Two Children, A Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, International Inner Healing Prayer Minister

Featured In:

Message from Your Instructor, Diana Bigham

Some Christians struggle in knowing how to teach their children to confidently hear from God and manage their feelings and thought life.

As a play therapist and faith-based family and child expert with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field, I want to come alongside your family to give you the tools you need to equip your children to have a healthy inner life and strong connection with God.

In this webinar, your family will leave feeling confident in hearing God and knowing how to take thoughts captive.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! The recording will be available after the live event when you log into

*It is best to catch the event live and so your family gets the most out of the experience.

YES! Although Diana will be teaching, it is great to show support and enthusiasm to your children to reinforce the value of what they are to connect with the Creator who is very much interested in being a part of their everyday lives, and to help share their feedback during the interactive Q&A time.

Plus, it's just a good habit to be with your children as they learn more about God and His loving personality.

You will also pick up some phrases that will help reinforce the concepts they learn for future discussions.

Additionally, we have had many adults leave the webinar learning something new themselves!

Convenience of participating in your own home!

Kid-Friendly Explanations and Activities for the Whole Family.