Children CAN hear God, and it is fun and easy to discover how He speaks!

Does your child get frustrated trying to hear God and think:

"I don't hear anything."

"It's too hard."

"He just doesn't talk to me."

In this online event, kids will discover different ways God speaks, how to know it is His voice, and what to do when they have negative thoughts in their head.

Great for children ages 8 and up!


For the King's kids who want to have fun.

What you've been waiting for has finally arrived.

Sometimes, we run out of creative ways to have fun and complain about being bored.

Well, now you won't be able to use that excuse any longer!

In this workshop, you will discover how how God made us to be creative, and that He also wants us to have FUN!

Select from a wide range of fun activities to keep the fun rolling in, from baking, comedy, exercising, crafts, and much more!

God Speaks Event Pricing

This 1 hour event is pre-recorded and will be made available to you immediately after registration.  It will not expire which means you can set your own pace and schedule!





Diana, a family and play therapist and international inner healing prayer minister, will bring your family an easy way to teach your children how to hear God and combat negative thoughts in a fun and easy way.

The Bigham Family

What you'll get:

  1. Learn how God "speaks"
  2. Know the difference between the voice of God, their own voice, and the enemy's voice
  3. Be able to remove lies and negative thinking and replace it with truth


No worries, we have answers!

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See what others are saying:

I was dealing with buried feelings that I didn’t even realize I had when a friend intentionally excluded me. The way you led us through the activity that allowed the Lord to bring this situation to the light. I now know it had nothing to do with me and it had everything to do with how broken inside my friend was, and that I really am not a "friend," because real friends would never treat you like that.-Alexis, Teen 17


It was very helpful, as my daughter and I have been on this journey of hearing God for a few years now. This is unique... mainly because, it provides the wisdom we need to effectively process and handle the  thoughts and feelings that produce inner turmoil. -Atara, Mom

My 6 year old was excited about doing the worksheet. He said that the activity was helpful and he wanted to do it again in the future.-Janice, Mom

This was really great! My daughter and I had a fantastic moment when going through the worksheets. Thank you for this resource.-Amanda, Mom

My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this activity as did my 13 year old. They understood the teaching and the importance of it, thank you so much for creating these fun and very educational videos!!! -Nichole, Mom

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