Tired of Praying and Waiting for Your Husband to Be The Spiritual Leader?

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  • The 3 phases of renewing a spiritually unbalanced marriage
  • How to shift the way you see your husband after years of hurt
  • Keys to releasing emotional pain and resentment from marital disconnect
  • Testimony from my husband about his faith journey as I took these exact same steps I'm going to share with you towards breakthrough
  • Ways you can call forth the best in your husband.
  • Refresher on how to hear the voice of God

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"The Renewing the Heart course and group with Diana was AH-MAZING. If you are feeling discouraged in your marriage, please get this course. It was so LIFE giving finding this community. Breakthrough happened for my family and I know the Lord used Diana and this course!đź’ś"


"This course and mentoring week was amazing! I have learnt so much and feel so much breakthrough in my thoughts and just the way I see and perceive our marriage. I love asking God for the gold on my husband and what He reveals. Diana Bigham is amazing in how she facilitated and shares and brings across this vital and much needed marriage enrichment. Thank you! I would recommend this for anybody who is married!"


"Hey ladies! This course was amazing! Do you feel you're carrying the spiritual load of the family? This course is for you!! I just finished it and let me tell you, Diana Bigham is an amazing woman who can help teach you to connect with the Holy Spirit. "