Organize and Simplify Your Quiet Time with Our S.E.E.K. Prayer Journaling Method

Have you ever quit journaling because it felt like busywork?

What if you could learn how to enjoy journaling when it is purposeful and specific?

Transform your quiet time from duty into desire without boring lengthy entries using our prayer journaling method.

"I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word." Psalm 119:16

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Revive Quiet Time Workshop

What's Included:

  • Lifetime Access to the 1 Hour Pre-Recorded Workshop. It will not expire which means you can set your own pace and schedule!
  • Method to Organize Your Prayer Journal with our 4 Categories, Making it Purposeful and Deep
  • Learn Conversational Prompts to Make Journaling Engaging
  • Two Free PDF Downloads:
    • Guide to Quiet Time
    • Journaling Template for Heart to Heart Conversations with God
  • Confidence in Hearing God and Living in His Will

Enjoyable Quiet Time

Some of the most profound insights and experiences of life come through prayer journaling.

After this workshop, you'll no longer see prayer journaling like a chore, but will actually look forward to it! Learn conversational prompts to make journaling engaging.

End Distracting Squirrel Syndrome

Do you constantly get distracted and become unfocused in your quiet time?

In this workshop, you will learn our unique journaling method.

Discover how to organize your prayer life with 4 main journaling categories so you so it will be purposeful, deep, and restorative.

Free Guide & Template

Get 2 free downloadable PDFs:

  1. Receive a free guide for creating a secret place with God through a quiet time, including 4 categories for organizing your prayers.
  2. You'll also get a journaling template for deep heart-to-heart conversations with the Lord.

Our S.E.E.K. Method Will Transform Your Quiet Time into Purposeful Encounters


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Hi, I'm Your Workshop Instructor, Diana Bigham

As a Christian therapist, I loved discovering how God speaks to us and heals our heart through conversations we get to have with Him.

I have prayed with hundreds of people from around the world as an international prayer minister and it is my joy to host this workshop on how to take your prayer life to the next level.

Together, we will organize quiet time through conversational journaling and make it into a habit without distracting squirrel syndrome or feeling like it is a chore.

"This workshop has redefined my quiet time with God! Diana has so many helpful insights and wisdom in how to communicate with the heavenly Father. I'm looking forward to tracking my prayers and milestones and seeing my relationship with God grow deeper!"

Tiera Reed