Are You Praying For Your Husband To Become the Spiritual Leader of Your Home?


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Go From Spiritual Isolation to Intimate Connection

Renew the Heart in a Spiritually Disconnected Marriage

Does this sound like your married life?


Your husband isn't the spiritual leader of the home and you're tired of feeling like you're growing in your (or your children's) faith alone.


You struggle with loneliness from not being on the same page. You may even argue about your different beliefs and attend church by yourself.


You are starting to have resentment because you don't feel heard or like your opinions don't matter to him.

Many women are going through this. I was one of them.

  • It feels like carrying the burden alone to raise children to be strong in their faith.
  • Some Christian women suggest to make room for husbands to lead by playing your own faith smaller.
  • You love your husband, but no matter what you say, he doesn't seem interested in being the spiritual leader in the home. 

What started out as a cry to God and complaint about my marriage turned into something I didn't expect.

  • God radically changed my heart and perspective about my marriage without my husband changing.
  • It was after my own healing and renewal that I began to see him in a new way and then....
  • He began to change. He became more sensitive towards me, listened more, and a spiritual passion grew within him.

God also taught me some key truths that apply to many other marriages like mine.

That's why I've created Renewing the Heart in a Spiritually Unbalanced Marriage. In this 3-lesson e-course, I'm going to share how God can renew your marriage as He did in mine.

Get a Step-by-Step Guide

The Renew the Heart ecourse provides a step-by-step guide on how to shift your heart from resentment and bitterness toward love and forgiveness in 3 phases. Discover keys to release emotional pain, learn how God sees your husband, and change the course of your relationship.

What You'll Get:

Discover the 3 Phases to Breakthrough

Shift the way you see your husband after years of hurt, even without him changing. Release emotional pain and resentment from marital disconnection with a session on heart healing.

Get Spiritually Refreshed

Refresh your soul with activations on hearing God's voice to heal your heart, and practice getting prophetic words to call out the gold in your husband.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready for REAL breakthrough and anointing in your marriage.
  • Don't want to bash your husband's character, but call him into his own destiny.
  • Tired of the lame advice to play it small to make room for your husband to lead.

End the Pain of Disconnection that Leads to Resentment


"This course and mentoring week was amazing! I have learnt so much and feel so much breakthrough in my thoughts and just the way I see and perceive our marriage. I love asking God for the gold on my husband and what He reveals. Diana Bigham is amazing in how she facilitated and shares and brings across this vital and much needed marriage enrichment. Thank you! I would recommend this for anybody who is married!"


"The Renewing the Heart course and group with Diana was AH-MAZING. If you are feeling discouraged in your marriage, please get this course. It was so LIFE giving finding this community. Breakthrough happened for my family and I know the Lord used Diana and this course!ūüíú"


"Hey ladies! This course was amazing! Do you feel you're carrying the spiritual load of the family? This course is for you!! I just finished it and let me tell you, Diana Bigham is an amazing woman who can help teach you to connect with the Holy Spirit."


"This was such a powerful week for me! Diana was so powerful in her approach to bringing breakthrough for marriage. Her breakthrough is my breakthrough. It all starts with the condition of the heart and instead of only looking at what is wrong with our husbands, we need to do a lot of reflection with Jesus who can gently wash the heart wounds that we have. I find this a powerful opportunity!"


Meet Diana Bigham

A Marriage and Family Therapist for 14 years

Inner Healing Prayer Minister for 7 years

Wife for 17 years & Mom of 2

Family is our greatest ministry, but when you're not on the same page as your spouse spiritually, it may feel like an uphill battle.

Pain is real and people need real solutions. In this e-course, I share my personal experience with this struggle and the victories along the way.

You'll also hear from my husband on what it was like from his perspective.

Renew the Heart

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  • Reflection¬†Questions
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