Unveiling Heirs

Finally! A kid-friendly resource for teaching basic soul care!


Pre-Released Lesson One: Truth in Action

What is Unveiling Heirs?

Dear Parent:

If you're like me, you want your children to be resilient and bounce back quickly after they have problems.

  • Maybe you don't always know what to say to your kids when they're hurting because another child is mean to them?
  • Maybe your child is explosive and you don't know what to do to get them to calm down?
  • Or, maybe you're not sure where to start to teach them about how to hear from God and grow their personal connection with Jesus?

😱DID YOU KNOW...There are not any kid-friendly resources to help parents teach their children basic soul care (which is taking care of their thoughts, feelings), AND spiritual health at home? 😱

What resources do parents have for teaching children spiritual growth and how to take care of thoughts and feelings in a biblical way?

I've searched Christian stores to help my children and all I have found were Vacation Bible School resources designed for churches, devotionals and some children's books.

Nothing exists for families to use at home outside of reading devotionals and not every child wants to read.

My children's spiritual and mental/emotional health are important to me.

If I want them grounded in God's word and to be emotionally resilient in a broken world, doing nothing is not an option...

Now, there's Unveiling Heirs.

Unveiling Heirs is a kid-friendly Christian resource for the whole family to learn more about soul care.

The soul is the mind, will (choices we make), and emotions.

One resource that will be released in Summer 2020 is a membership site where families can access brief video lessons to watch with their children and then complete an activity sheet.

In anticipation of these resources going public, I wanted to extend a pre-release bonus to get children started on learning how to take care of their thought life.

This is based on 2 Corinthians 10:5, where children can take their thoughts captive, and replace it with truth..or rather what Truth (Jesus) says.

I'm excited to bring this great resource to your family. Give your child the gift of resiliency and grab this first lesson today!



"My daughter loved your video! She really caught on to saying HMMMM and Ohhhh! lol Thank you, I believe I was enlightened as well!"


"My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this activity as did my 13 year old. They understood the teaching and the importance of it, thank you so much for creating these fun and very educational videos!!!"


"I like that the video is geared for the kids and includes a worksheet and that the video is a short length."


Hi! I'm Diana Bigham,

I'm a mom, a family therapist that has specialized in working with children for over 10 years, and I love Jesus.

(You can learn 🧐 more about me here.)

I'm excited to bring this much needed resource to help your family.

May it bless you and strengthen your children in the Lord. ❤️🙏🏼

Frequently Asked Questions

This lesson is designed for children primarily between ages 7-13.

However, we have heard that children as young as 6 years old can do this, but with parental help. Since there is an activity sheet for drawing and writing, you can help do the writing portion for younger children.

Children 14 and older could enjoy and benefit from these lessons, but have not yet been tested in our pilot group.

We expect to release a membership site with all video-based lessons in Summer 2020.

Other future topics will include: how to know when God "speaks," how to protect your heart, how to practice living unoffended, etc.

My plan is to be able to offer the lessons in the upcoming membership site in multiple languages.


Exclusive Pre-Release Access

Get Lesson One: Truth in Action

Learn how to address stinkin' thinkin'.