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A 12-month online group of families who pursue life with Jesus together.


Are you a parent that needs Spirit-filled, practical, and in-depth resources?

Do you struggle with knowing there is more to life in Christ but can't find the right places to find direction?

Do you have normal family issues, but when you look for help, you're not finding Spirit-filled guidance?

Maybe you have fought for the right words to say, choking back your emotions when your child comes home feeling rejected by peers but didn't know how to direct them for comfort.

Or, perhaps you are frustrated and exhausted because you and your spouse argue about how to discipline, one being too soft and one being too harsh.

As parents, we do our best to help our children...but we don't always know the words to say or actions to take to help them to be confident and to grow in godly character.

Many parents feel like they don't know what to say or do when they're children are fighting feelings of anxiety and depression.

For others, they need help knowing how to teach their children about God, but they are still learning about Him themselves.

I have a passion for gathering resources for Kingdom-minded families and to help them to talk regularly about heart matters, training children to express themselves and manage their thought life.

Families need resources to teach children to connect with a living God who wants to be engaged in their everyday life.

Don't stay lost and confused.

Silence in family allows the enemy to whisper loud internally.

When Children Know Who They Are...

They walk with confidence and are unshaken by the circumstances around them.

Raise a child who is bold, brave, and confident.

Imagine what your child's life would be like if they learned about God while they are young and could own their own faith, going to Him first instead of quickly becoming angry...

Feeling powerful to pray about problems instead of being overwhelmed by them...

Right now, you can be a part of a family movement to raise emotionally, mentally, and spiritually vibrant children, equipped with the tools Jesus has for them.

I am partnering with families in an online mentoring community where we regularly have encouraging, interactive online lessons and discussions to help children build strong foundations for life.




What's Included With My Membership?

Family Training and Mentoring with Diana Bigham

Weekly live group family coaching with family expert, Diana Bigham for 12 full months. Live videos will include family-friendly lessons AND separate live videos for adults on parental and marital topics. Schedule will be posted in the private Facebook group.

Supportive, Private Facebook Community

Be a part of a supportive, private Facebook group with other like-minded parents who are also raising bold, vibrant children in a kingdom-minded culture.

Membership Site

With this newly formed membership group, content is community-driven based on what our community needs. On-demand access via mobile app.

Plus, These Additional Bonuses

Renewing the Heart in an Unbalanced Marriage Online Course

Praying for your husband to be the spiritual leader in your home? Learn how to reconnect with this 3-lesson e-course which comes with digital handouts for note-taking and application questions.

Raising Sweet Peace Online Parenting Master Course

Still raising little children? We will help you with that stage of life too! Get the 6-video course for parental foundations for the toddler and preschool phases which includes action steps, a digital workbook, and access to a private Facebook community.

"Cultivate the Heart" Training

Not sure how to give your pain to God? Be a part of a live training on how to examine your heart, get to the root, and and interact with Jesus about your pain to become more wholehearted.

Copy of "Still Moments: A Journaling Experience for the Heart"

Build your relationship with God through prompted conversations, and in turn, remove the stress that comes up in life and prevent the lies from seeping into your thoughts

Copy of "God, Help Me" Parenting Book

Get insight into the mindset of healthy parenting, understand the reasons behind them, and learn simple strategies to help manage everyday parenting struggles.

Copy of "God's Generals for Kids: Kathryn Kuhlman"

Ignite your children's hunger for more of God with this biography of ordinary people that God used to accomplish great things.

Get Exclusive Training from Special Guest Speakers in the Membership Vault

Motivated by Design with Cindy Hatcher

Discover God-given characteristics in people that point to the nature of God and learn to love yourself and others well. Supernatural ministry trainer, Cindy Hatcher, shares insight into how God has created our character.

Time Blocking with Ann McDonald

Learn how to work from a place of being seated in heavenly places to end the curse of toil on your work, and to partner with your assignments in the right season. Get access to a spreadsheet template to help you master time.


Learn to Interpret Dreams From God with Jake Bullard

God still speaks through dreams. Learn the basics of dream interpretation from Jake Bullard.

Activate the Supernatural Gift of Healing with Greg and Andrea Brown

As desperate parents with a child suffering from a medical condition, Greg and Andrea discovered how the supernatural gift of healing is still for today and available for every believer. Join us in a special biblical teaching on how to activate the gift of healing in your life and how their daughter was supernaturally healed.

Become the family that sets the standard.

Join the #1 Christian family coaching program!

Meet Diana

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Registered Play Therapist

A Wife and a Mom to Two Children

For over ten years as a family and relationship expert, Diana has helped thousands of families eliminate excessive fits, increase their children's ability to communicate their feelings, and strengthen the parent-child bond.

With a private practice located in DFW, Diana specializes in developing practical strategies with individuals and families to create a more fulfilling life. She also incorporates simple and fun ways for children to grow their relationship with God.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date and keep the books sent as our gift to your family.

All of this valued over $4997

Let’s break it all down:

All of this valued over $4,997 for 12 months of weekly group coaching for just $997.


Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Group Family Coaching

Live Q&A's

Mini Video Lessons

Activity Worksheets

Discussion Guide

Access to Community Forum

1 Hour Parent Consultation

Family Growth Tracking Sheet

Children's Course on Spiritual Gifts


4 Payments of


Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Group Family Coaching

Live Q&A's

Mini Video Lessons

Activity Worksheets

Discussion Guide

Access to Community Forum


Frequently Asked Questions

Our membership content is community-driven, meaning you get to help determine what lessons are offered.

With you being a part of this new program, your family will experience first-hand all of our trainings. Here's some of what you can expect.

Know that we develop our topics based on the community so we are constantly adding more to meet your family's needs and empower you to grow...

Social-Emotional Lessons:

  • Getting mads out the right way
  • What to do with worry problems
  • What to do when you're feeing sad
  • Why bad things happen
  • Confidence boosters
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • The heart is your treasure, the body is your temple
  • How to deal with mean kids
  • Saying "no" without sounding rude
  • Saying sorry like I mean it
  • Forgive and forget?
  • Respecting authority
  • Initiating peace
  • Working for excellence
  • Exercising self-control
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Feeling rejected by friends
  • Confidence with a learning disability
  • Why learning and growth is important
  • Overcoming pain (from things like grief, divorce, etc.)

Spiritual Lessons

  • How God "Speaks": Learn the different ways God communicates with you
  • Who Said That?: Knowing His Voice from Our Voice or The Enemy's Voice
  • Truth in Action: How to Take Care of Your Thoughts and Emotions with God
  • Dreaming with God: Interpreting dreams with God
  • The Bible as a Four-Course Meal: Engaging with God's Word
  • Motivated by Design
  • Activating the Gift of Healing
  • Activating the gift of prophecy and words of knowledge

The video lessons on the membership site are great for children ages 7 and older, however, we talk about how to help younger children up to age 6 in the community and you will also have Raising Sweet Peace, a thorough parenting course on how to raise your sweet peas.

Yes! Where there is unity, God commands a blessing! (Psalm 133)

Your spouse is every bit an important part of the community and will have access to the group. Simply contact us to get your spouse connected.

We get it! Not every family wants to be on social media.

While we do have the community on a private Facebook group for parental discussions, live training, and Q&A, the recorded mini videos and discussion guides are hosted outside of Facebook on our website and can be accessed through a mobile app.

You can easily stream the lessons onto your device without logging into Facebook. You can feel free to engage in the Facebook community whenever you need support during your 12-months of membership.

Schedules are always so crazy, aren't they?

That's why we want to make your life easy. You will have easy access to the membership site and it is organized  based on topic so you can just watch the content that applies to your family situation and move on. Videos are brief and easy to consume.

Video Testimonials

Hear from a few women about their experience in our membership group.


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