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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
A Wife for 18 Years and Mom to Two Children

As a child of a first generation immigrant and engineer, I grew up learning what it meant to work hard and do my best.

What I didn't learn was how to manage relational and emotional conflict. It wasn't until the school of hard knocks that I realized the value of relationships and how to press into God to transform my pain into a source of strength.

This isn't just a cliché for me. As a practical, goal-oriented person, I have discovered simple yet profound ways of shifting life's problems into sources of strength.

I'm an author, speaker, family and relationship expert with over 16 years of experience. In addition, I coordinate Redefine LLC, a collaborative group of talented independent private practitioners whose common passion is to help people discover perspective and pursue growth.

I've created solutions for common, yet challenging life situations and am offering them in courses and consultations so that every family can live a more fulfilling life.

Check out one of my resources available on Amazon Kindle, Rendered Forgiven: An Overnight Verdict of Healing from Offense, which hit #1 Best Seller in Religion and Spirituality Short Reads category.

See Available Resources For Christian Families Through Unveiling Heirs

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