Get Your Strong-Willed Child Unstuck

children family growth parenting teens Apr 19, 2022

I'd like to share 2 tips to help a strong-willed child, or a child that seems to be stuck.

Just telling them what to do will not work. I know what you're's so much easier if they just take our advice.

But that is not what they want, or need.

Here's what to do instead...

Come alongside your child to help them work through the issue:

  1. Posture your heart to be curious and non-judgmental. They will know if you're setting them up just for you to prove you're right, so be sure to check your heart posture. Heart motives matter.
  2. Pose a question. This helps them dismantle their beliefs by seeing what they really believe and why, so that you can help them discover a better way of dealing with the struggle they have. This will allow them to get to the root of the issue.

Diana Bigham


PS: God created your strong-willed child with a gift to endure circumstances without caving into the pressures of man's opinions. It is a gift, not curse.