Wondering when to talk to kids about sex?

Wondering when to talk to kids about sex?

I have heard this question multiple times, "When is the right age to start talking to children about sex?"

Sex is an important topic that we cannot shy away from as parents. It is not only a natural desire that humans have, but an important way husbands and wives connect in marriage. The problem is, too many parents are either too embarrassed to talk about it because no one told them how to talk about it in a healthy way or maybe they were shamed to talk about it, or they minimize the importance and assume the school system will eventually teach their children.

We should not view this topic as a one-time conversation, and definitely not a conversation about the how-to's of intercourse, but think of it as an ongoing dialogue about sexual health and development that is age appropriate with the intent to raise up sexually healthy individuals. Talking to your children about sex doesn't have to be awkward. It starts with helping children to know...

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Parenting Young Children: Addressing Fears of Being in Own Room


Learn how to instill identity and purpose if your child has nightmares or fears of being alone in their own room.

When a child is safe and has fears of being in their own room or has nightmares, first, be sure to assess where the fear may be coming from so that you can problem solve.

If you established your child is indeed safe, help them to be comforted and feel safety. Help them to know they are safe by experiencing safety and comfort and not just talking about it. Then, talk with them about their identity and purpose. Help empower them.

Listen in on ways that I turn these conversations into empowering opportunities that help children know their purpose in life...to be a Territory Taker.

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Children Unwrapping the Gift of Prophecy

My youngest daughter recently celebrated her friend's birthday. It's fun celebrating people on their birthday, helping them feel loved, and surprising them with a gift that'll bring them more joy. One of the best parts of getting a present, isn't just opening it to see what's inside the wrapping, it is playing with what you get inside! 

For a new believer in Christ, the best part of salvation is not just "fire insurance," (a coverage at death that we won't go to hell but instead go to heaven), it's unwrapping the gift inside of us and playing with it, which is the joy that comes with ongoing fellowship with Holy Spirit!

The Bible mentions several gifts of the Holy Spirit which He distributes as He chooses (1 Corinthians 12-14). It also mentions that we should eagerly desire the gifts, especially prophecy. Now, the Bible would not tell us to pursue these gifts if God didn't want to give them to us.

The gift of prophecy is the supernatural ability by...

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Truth in Action

My children are enjoying the first week of summer break. It's an exciting time for children. It usually means more family time, travel, and a break from getting up early in the mornings to go to school.

As much as I loved school, I also loved the break. My hardest subject was history. The experience I had was having to memorize a lot of facts, dates, etc. for a test, which I was really bad at. Have you ever had to take a True/False test where they take a bunch of information and it is either all true or all false? There would be trick questions where everything would be true but if they changed even the slightest detail, it makes the whole thing false.

The enemy tends to do something similar. He will sometimes feed us stories in our head about how something is completely false, but he sprinkles in a little bit of truth...enough that we accept it.

Take this example. You're struggling making new friends after a recent move and the thought comes to mind, "I'm all alone. I have no one....

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3 Tips to Implement with Your Teen

parenting teens Apr 15, 2019

Raising teens is very different than it used to be, yet some things remain the same. In this article, let's focus on what is still time-tested and approved as good measures in raising healthy, responsible teens. Here are 3 tips you can implement with your teen.

  1. This first one I learned from a seasoned therapist while I was in training. Make a list of knowledge and skills you want you teen to obtain by the time they are 18 years old. This could be things like sorting and doing laundry, changing a flat tire safely, and getting and keeping a job. Then, ask your teen what they would like to add to the list, which could even be basic self defense skills. Cross off the things they already are capable of and spread out these items as tasks over the next years you have left with them at home. This is meant to be a fun and engaging activity to teach them, and not a punitive activity. It can even be learning how to make grandma's favorite spaghetti recipe.

  2. Allow your teen to make more...

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How to Create a Toddler Bedtime Routine

Don't know how to make a routine for your toddler at night? Use this sample to help you get starting in knowing how to create a bedtime routine for your toddler that boosts their social skills, character, and academic performance.

Everybody wants more sleep, especially parents of toddlers. If we allow our schedules to become chaotic, we actually make it harder for our children to get adequate rest at night and be in a good mood for the next day. To help your child set a healthy circadian rhythm, consider using the sample bedtime routine below. Here are some key points to remember when creating your routine:

  1. Eat meals together. Studies show a risk for school drop-outs, teen pregnancy, and other at-risk behaviors for families that do not eat meals. The idea is that families that eat meals together at a table are more likely to socialize, enjoy connections, and eat healthier than those that don't.
  2. Don't allow your daily routine to be without play time at home for your children. They...
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