3 Easy Ways to Increase the Appreciation Your Children Have for You

appreciation family gratitude parenting Jun 16, 2021

No matter how much we try, some days it is hard to feel appreciated. However, there are easy ways to increase the appreciation your family has for you. 

Here are 3 simple things that will bring a smile to your kids’ face when they think of you:

  1. Spend and enjoy quality time with your kids in ways that are meaningful to them and let loose. They need to know you enjoy being with them without them having to earn it.
  2. Listen to them carefully when they talk and don't interrupt or cut them off. Focus on the connection before trying to give advice.
  3. Be their cheerleader. Celebrate their small victories when they make progress in even the littlest things and tell them what characteristics you see and appreciate in them.

Parenting is both a sacrificial yet rewarding role, yet parents don’t always feel appreciated and risk emotionally burning out. What would have made it easier for you to respect your own parents growing up? Share with us your thoughts on our blog post.