Truth in Action

faith growth parenting soul care thoughts Jun 07, 2019

My children are enjoying the first week of summer break. It's an exciting time for children. It usually means more family time, travel, and a break from getting up early in the mornings to go to school.

As much as I loved school, I also loved the break. My hardest subject was history. The experience I had was having to memorize a lot of facts, dates, etc. for a test, which I was really bad at. Have you ever had to take a True/False test where they take a bunch of information and it is either all true or all false? There would be trick questions where everything would be true but if they changed even the slightest detail, it makes the whole thing false.

The enemy tends to do something similar. He will sometimes feed us stories in our head about how something is completely false, but he sprinkles in a little bit of truth...enough that we accept it.

Take this example. You're struggling making new friends after a recent move and the thought comes to mind, "I'm all alone. I have no one. Nobody cares about me." Then, situations pop up like old memories in a scrapbook and you play out all the evidence to support that belief. Did you know that it is human nature that when we feel an emotion, we actually will easily come up with thoughts to match it? If I have a negative emotion about a person or situation, it'll be easier for me to come up with "proof" for it rather than the exceptions. It becomes hard to pull up the examples of times that people have cared for me, but I can't see it in the moment and I make these sweeping statements or conclusions.

We inherently like to make sense out of our world because deep down, we all know that life has meaning. We like to come to conclusions. We need closure. Think about the end of a tv episode or movie. They often leave you with a cliff hanger so you'll stay tuned for the next show or sequel. This is also why book series can become popular. It is playing off of our nature to seek closure. The problem is, we can often come to conclusions in error if we have yet to learn how to monitor and control our thought life.

One way to address this is to monitor your thoughts and emotions. When you have thoughts, feelings, and actions that do not align with God's purposes, ask the Lord, "Why did I respond that way? What's going on inside of me? What am I believing? What do You have to say about that? What should I do about it?"

If you have children that you want to help with their own thought life, use the resource Truth in Action, a video lesson and worksheet to help take thoughts captive and make it align with Truth.

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