Resources for internet safety for parents of young children

children parenting tech young children Sep 07, 2022

Technology has advanced tremendously quick that children are utilizing it for just about every subject in school at the elementary level...including assigned homework that can only be done online.

Young children must be taught how to navigate the internet safely.

As parents, we want to support our children's education, but also raise them to know how to be safe when online.

Although there are a lot of resources out there, which are constantly changing to keep up with the shifts in technology and social media platforms, here are a few sites that you may find helpful in teaching young children to be safe online, including helping them to understand they should not share personal information like their name, address, and phone number or email with anyone on the internet.

  1. This website is a game-like quiz to test children's knowledge in online safety.
  2. These sites are designed for parents and has a lot of informative articles. and

You definitely want to have parental controls and settings on all devices to not just monitor your children's online activity, but to block certain content such as violent or pornagraphic content.

It is much easier to prevent exposure than to treat the aftermath.

What are your favorite resources to teach your young kids to be safe online?