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Launch Workshop

A 2 Hour Workshop For Christian Therapists, Coaches, and Inner Healing Prayer Ministers









Do You Practically Give Away Your Products & Services Because You Love What You Do, But Feel Bad Charging The Clients You Love Helping?

Feel Isolated In Business

Trying to establish a thriving business and don't have someone to turn to for help or brainstorm with?

Confused On Where To Start

Need help with networking and marketing ideas but don't have time or money to waste figuring it out by yourself through trial and error?

Need Revenue

Afraid to make mistakes in your business because you can't afford your bills? Still trying to cover the costs of running your practice and make a profit you can actually live off of?

Many Christian business owners I've met have a heart of gold to serve their clients and love them well, but they commonly have one struggle...they care so much about serving that they give away their profit and are not sure how to keep the business afloat.

Unfortunately, that passion to serve left unchecked can lead you to "give away the farm" in an effort to take care of people, and literally put an entrepreneur out of business (can't do much good helping people then) or barely making enough to care for your own families...leaving you stressed and overwhelmed.

On top of that, you can feel ill-equipped to run a business because you didn't have formal training in business (hello Life University!) and for some, the whole crunching numbers and marketing thing is not your forte.

So, what do most of Christian entrepreneurs do? Look the other way while pushing through their business goals, or wallow in anxiety and feeling like a failure.

100x Certified Coach for Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Hi, I'm Diana!

With over 14 years as a full time entrepreneur, I have gone from knowing nothing about owning a business to running my own successful private practice in the DFW area.

I know what it is like fighting to find the rhythm between running a business as a sole proprietor, giving the best care for clients, while maintaining a healthy personal life and being present for family.

I had large dreams to serve my clients but I needed a mentor to inspire and direct me...someone who has proven to be a successful and experienced entrepreneur.

In this picture, you'll see me with my mentor, Pedro Adao of 100x. He has grown 2 businesses that have earned him millions. That's right, multiple 8 figures.

Having the right mentor matters. I've been on a journey since 2018 learning under Pedro and developing my business to serve people at the highest level, while fulfilling my passion and purpose.

In just 4 years, I've added additional income streams, self-published a few books, created e-courses and started a membership group, all doing the things that I love, helping the people I care about, and maintaining time for my family.

I'm here to tell you, you can do what you love, help people you care about, and make money to care for your family! I help Christian entrepreneurs who love Jesus and want to release the Kingdom of God on the earth.

If this is something you desire, I invite you to book a consultation with me to see how we can expand your business too.


Diana is a force. I am always so impressed by her dedication, consistency, and reliability. She works incredibly hard and cares deeply for those she works with. She is very gifted providing support and direction. She gives clear and manageable homework assignments to meet her clients goals. Anyone passionate and motivated to grow their business you would be blessed to work with her.


Thank you Diana for the passion you shared to love and serve me with your coaching services! I truly feel blessed by your insight and wisdom that assisted me with the very clarity I received to navigate the course of my entrepreneurial journey! Thank you! Thank you!

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