Discipline Like A Pro Without Losing Your Mind Or Crushing Your Child's Heart

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Are you tired of:

  1. Relying on iPads to keep your kids busy so they don't throw embarrassing tantrums in public?
  2. Wasting what limited time you have with your children on an argument instead of enjoying time your family?
  3. Feeling shame and disappointment after yelling at your children because you can't deal the disrespect and defiance?
  4. Worrying you'll repeat the same mistakes as your parents?

Dear Frustrated Mom,

You've survived much worse in life but struggling with your children takes the cake.

If you're like me, you desperately want your kids to only get the good qualities from you but somehow arguments can pull out the worst.

Giving your kids an amazing childhood so they'll become emotionally healthy with a strong foundation of faith in Christ is everything to you.

But perhaps you feel like you're:

  • Incapable
  • Not doing a good job
  • Not a good mom
  • Not equipped

Maybe your own childhood experiences makes you question what "healthy" parenting is supposed to look like.

You're not alone.

Many parents struggle to find the right balance when it comes to disciplining their children.

If you're sick of feeling like you keep dropping the ball and are ready to be empowered to raise confident kids...

I invite you to join me in the 3-Pioneer Parent Challenge starting February 22nd.

You'll Learn How To:

Feel Confident

Handle yourself like a champ in the hardest of situations without passing on your issues to your children even if you haven't had this modeled for yourself.

Speak Confidently

Shift a conversation with the power of perspective and your words so your child's problem won't ruin the whole day, all without needing to bribe, distract, or threaten punishments.

Raise Confidence

Inject confidence in your children to stick up for themselves, to know AND like who they are in Christ, and to make wise choices that also honor other people. Make your family lifestyle the catalyst that shapes communities and cities.

Become confident in knowing who you are.


Take decisive action quickly while growing the health of your children from the inside-out.


Why? Because all good behavior comes from a healthy heart.

Hi, I'm Diana Bigham!

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I've help thousands of motivated, Christian parents to strengthen families with simple tools and perspectives to work through difficult situations.

I got into this field working with families and individuals because I personally experienced how much pain during childhood could be avoided with more support for parents and I'm on a quest to help as many parents I can to raise the standard in how we do family life.

Together, we are going to create more peace in your home and grow confidence in your parenting so that you can enjoy your time with your family making memories they'll cherish.

Featured In:

It's okay if you feel like you're starting from scratch...


In the 3-Day Pioneer Parent Challenge, You'll Get:

💥 3 Days of 1-Hour Live, Interactive Training with Me, Diana Bigham, So You Can Discover Practical Ways To Parent Like A Champ While Boosting Confidence In Your Children. ($375 Value)

💥 Printable Workbook for Organizing Your Notes With Daily Homework So You Can Keep Your Takeaways From The Challenge In One Easy-To-Find Place. Also Includes a Parent's Blessing Prayer. ($19 Value)

💥 Facebook Community So You'll Know You're NOT ALONE. (Priceless)

Total Value: Over $379

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Here's what we will cover together:

Wednesday, Feb 22nd @12pm-1pm CT:

Personal Revival

👉🏼 Discover what a pioneer parent is and how you can trailblaze a healthy Spirit-led lifestyle for your family so that you end self-doubt and parent with confidence.

Thursday, Feb 23rd @12pm-1pm CT:

Family Revival

👉🏼 Learn how to break off limitations to your family's spiritual, emotional, and relational legacy and end toxic generational patterns. Get the perspective shift and practical tools that change everything for your household.

Friday, Feb 24th @ 12pm-1pm CT:

Community Revival

👉🏼 Uncover what it takes to inject boldness, kindness, and faith in your home and community to transform cities.

✅ Feel Confident In Your Parenting Decisions & Approach.

✅ Speak Confidently & Turn Any Bad Day Around & Get Back On Track.

✅ Raise Confidence In Your Children So They'll Have A Great Future.

✅ Be A Pioneer Parent.

See What Other Parents Are Saying:


Our family began to immediately heal in the area of relationship and I changed my view of parenting, receiving practicals in the general sense as well as learning about the supernatural/spiritual way God helps me/us through Holy Spirit. I love the journey I'm on!


The biggest thing I have changed is MY perspective. I now know my purpose and have simple tools to reset and recalibrate when needed and also to SHINE. I have routines and rhythms that make a huge impact in daily life, but I also have the peace to know that if things get "off track" it is OK. I am so thankful to now have open lines of communication with our kids and even deeper with my husband. We can literally talk about anything.


Through steady application, our hearts have grown closer to God and each other as we fully learn our identity as a family and as individuals. Relationships have been restored as we partnered in prayer with Diana and the community and recognize that God has a divine destiny for all of us!

Emotionally Intelligent Children Aren't Born.

They're Created...By Pioneer Parents.


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