Do You Feel Stuck In Your Business?

Move from doubt & resistance to discernment and momentum.

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll give you a strategic action plan to move forward.

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Every entrepreneur has an enemy.

Fear & Doubt

Are you afraid that what you have to offer isn’t any good? Are you worried how life will change with success?

Lack of Support

Do you feel discouraged because you don’t have support from a spouse or family?


Are you tired of putting time and effort into your business and not seeing the fruit of your labors?

Do You Feel Resistance or Something Blocking You?

Inner wounds and old mindsets can delay or block your business' growth.

Do you know what yours are?

Whether it is imposter syndrome, overthinking, fear of failure or even success, or a lack of support...

Unhealed heart wounds and old mindsets can create blindspots in your business and prevent you from breakthrough.

We've been there...

Hi, We're Diana Bigham and Cindy Hatcher with Revive Leadership!

We’ve dedicated ourselves to learning how to check our inner game and develop effective strategies to remove obstacles and return momentum to Kingdom businesses.

We are sisters, psychotherapists, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been learning Kingdom Entrepreneurship under Pedro Adao’s leadership and want to help other business owners just like you.

Much like you, we have found ourselves to be Christians in business but not realizing how God wanted to do business with us.

We did not understand that there are Kingdom principles that we can partner with in the way we offer our services or create products.

Part of this growth process has been committing to renewing our minds to break free from a scarcity mindset and an orphan heart.

We realize there are hidden keys to break through the resistance you've been experiencing.

Through a 1:1 Prophetic Consultation, our team will help you discover which key you need for breakthrough.

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Break off a scarcity mindset and orphan heart with Prophetic Consultation.

Prophetic Consultation gives:


Get clear, strategic next steps.


Gain insight into your problem or idea.

Remove Obstacles

Get rid of obstacles blocking your success.

Prophetic Consultation

The role of a prophetic consultant is not to give you a prophetic word, but through strategically asked questions led by the Holy Spirit, you'll get greater insights and revelation on how to get breakthroughs in your current situation.

Our goal is to help you discover what God is saying about the areas you need breakthrough in.

This is not a time of prophecy or prophetic ministry, although that may happen. Prophecy is free and every believer should operate in it. However, prophetic consulting is a different use of the prophetic gifting.

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Prophetic Consultation

Get direction on how to remove resistance and obstacles that's keeping you stuck in your business with a private 1:1 30-minute coaching session on Zoom with one of our prophetic consultants. ($175 Value)

Action Plan Template

Receive an email summary of your personalized action plan with a PDF template you can use to gain momentum. ($29 Value)


Get a digital inner game workbook to process through your inner game and accelerate your breakthrough. ($47 Value)

A Total Value of $251 for Only $150

Is it biblical?

Prophetic Consulting is a biblical practice that has gone back for thousands of years. People like Samuel, Joseph, Daniel, Elisha, and others were prophetic consultants who assisted kings and other influencers of their day. It was also an expected custom to honor the prophet or consultant with gifts and finances for their input or advice before the results of the consult were even given or known.

How do I prepare?

We encourage you to pray and ask the Lord for clarity on the ONE area of breakthrough you desire for this session. We, of course, will do the same beforehand. Then, we will seek the Lord together during the consultation.

Will it work for me?

Your life and/or business is your responsibility. Therefore, we expect you to take full responsibility for any decisions you make as a result of the prophetic consultation.

Check out our testimonials of others who received breakthrough from working with us and taking action plan with our recommendations.

Book A Prophetic Consultation

We believe God wants you to prosper as a Kingdom Entrepreneur with the 100X 6-stake framework.

A Prophetic Consultation for your inner game will accelerate your outer game results.

See what others say about working with Revive Leadership.


I made an investment to schedule a session with Cindy! It was such a powerful time. Cindy was so sensitive and skilled in her approach. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! If you are not sure about engaging with Cindy, you are crazy! She is the BEST!


I was feeling stuck in my finances. Diana was very personal and caring. After my appointment, I felt much more free, and clear. I can hear specifically from God how He wants me to grow and change.


Without a doubt, Cindy’s mentorship ranks in the top three things that have impacted me personally, professionally and spiritually. She provides a safe place for leaders to become transparent and vulnerable in times of uncertainty. Cindy is genuinely interested in my success. I highly recommend her to anyone committed to expanding their capacity in every area of life.


I was afraid of failure. After I met with Diana, I was able to face my fear. I had a powerful encounter with God.


Diana created an environment that was safe to share and asked timely questions to help me move though what I was dealing with and into a place of peace and love.


Cindy is amazing - the perfect blend of professionalism and compassion! Experienced tremendous shifts during (and after) our sessions. Highly recommend!


Loved the time with Cindy. No wasted time, just walking through the areas I wanted to talk about for breakthrough. The session help me shed a lot of the burdens I was carrying and feel free.

With A Prophetic Consultation, You'll Get:

Prophetic Consultation


U.S. Dollars

  • 30-Minute Laser Coaching Session with a Prophetic Consultant ($175 Value)
  • Action Plan Template To Outline Your Next Steps ($29 Value)
  • Digital Workbook To Accelerate Your Inner Game Breakthrough ($47 Value)
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Learn More About Cindy & Diana at Revive Leadership

Cindy Hatcher, M.A.

Cindy is the founder and CEO of Revive Leadership International, LLC, which exists to help Kingdom leaders and entrepreneurs become Whole Hearted Leaders who “live well, love deeply and lead boldly.” She is a Certified Prophetic Consultant, Transformational Leadership Coach, Qualified HeartSync Facilitator, and Licensed Therapist for over 20 years. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, Chris, a mother of two amazing teens, a worship leader, and avid reader. When she's not working, you can find her traveling and participating in a variety of humanitarian work.

Diana Bigham, M.A.

Diana is a 100X Certified Coach, runs a marriage & family therapy private practice in Fort Worth, and is the creator of Unveiling Heirs, the #1 place to equip Christian parents. Her mission is to reveal heavenly identity and resource individuals with practical tools for Kingdom living. In her downtime, she enjoys playing games with her family and experimenting with diy craft projects or new recipes.

God wants to do business with you.

You are called to bring the Kingdom of God on the earth.

People in your field of favor are waiting on your breakthrough.

If you’re tired of being stuck and not seeing progress on your outer game because of an inner game obstacle, and ready to take action, then book a Prophetic Consultation today.

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