Christian Parents, You CAN Raise Confident Kids With Godly Character Without Second-Guessing Your Decisions

What would it feel like to:

✔️ Be confident in your decisions as a mother or father

✔️ Have powerful conversations at home that lead to deeper connection

✔️ Look forward to time with your family because you know how to handle conflict like a champ

We've mapped out a path to Christian parenting and have the right solutions for your family, from toddlerhood through the teen years!

Join our monthly group parent coaching program, the Journey to Unveiling Heirs.

Get practical, biblical direction for your family right at your fingertips with content created by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Diana Bigham.

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It Is Possible To:

  • End tantrums without losing your mind or crushing your children's hearts.
  • Feel confident in yourself as a parent.
  • Raise children that have faith in God even if the world looks dark.

Wondering how?

Let me introduce you to...

Parents learn how to connect with their children at the heart level and get to the root of conflict in a faith-based approach.

That's why I created The Journey Unveiling Heirs Membership...

To help Christian parents raise emotionally healthy kids without losing their mind or crushing their heart.


Be fulfilled as you live out your purpose in raising children who know their identity in Christ.


Seeing your children succeed in life will bring you confidence and joy.


Look forward to spending time with your family without dreading conflict.

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From Avoiding to Embracing

I was just kind of feeling stuck as a mom. Things were fine, but I didn't want fine. I was kind of feeling scattered. Kind of wondering, is this all that there is to Mom life?

The community has been amazing: great cheerleaders, people sharing real life, and Diana's coaching is incredible. I feel like it's simple, it's easy to understand, practical examples, kind of go at the pace that you want. But if you need a deeper dive, she's there to walk with you and I'm just so thankful for the blessing of Unveiling Heirs.

It is totally changed my mom life and helped me as a woman.

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You'll Get

  • Community support with like-minded Christian parents who are also learning how to talk about things like anger, disappointment, fear - all the hard stuff!
  • Live monthly group calls with Christian family therapist Diana Bigham where your top questions get answered to support your family throughout all the stages of childhood.
  • Exclusive video library on topics like discipline, boundaries, and self-care so you can shape your family legacy with emotional health.  relational maturity, and spiritual wisdom.
  • Valuable and practical lessons every kid needs to know that you can do now with your children so that learning together as a family is easy.
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I've helped thousands of families strengthen the relationship bond, discover tools to work through trying times, and develop resilience.

I've learned a lot in my 14 years of experience as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, and trained inner healing prayer ministry facilitator. One of the biggest problems families are facing is they don't have access to a Spirit-led resource to help them make biblical principles practical for their everyday life.

I designed this membership to provide simple processes to shape your children's heart so they have emotional health, relational maturity, and spiritual wisdom.


Here's what a few of our members are saying:


When you become a member, you'll get...

Exclusive Video Library

Get on-demand access to strengthen your family from the inside out with parenting methods and scripts, videos, PDFs and more. Finally, a practical, biblical approach to parenting.

Private Community

Connect in a safe space with like-minded Christian parents to find encouragement and guidance with other parents who want to raise their kids with biblical values.

Q&A with Diana

There's nothing worse than having a question that keeps you from moving forward. When you have a question, you want an answer in our live Q&A time with Diana every month.

Special Perks

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What's In The Exclusive Video Library?

Get a sneak peek at a couple of our amazing video lessons.

Ultimate Guide to Gaining More Time for Busy Parents...

So you can enjoy the time you have with your family while they are young.

Make time work for you in the Kingdom with this training from Ann McDonald, a featured speaker at the Lance Wallnau 7 Mountain Summit and private consultant to leaders of leaders. A $497 Value.

Lesson includes:

  • Training on TIME: How to Create More in Less: Time Blocking, Bending, and Condensing Without Overwhelm
  • 3 Daily Helps for Time Authority (PDF)
  • Copy of Slides
  • Template

Heart-to-Heart Lessons...

So you can powerfully and intelligently talk about topics that every child needs to understand.

Discover key lessons every child must know and how to talk about them. The Heart-to-Heart lessons teach you how to help your kids take care of their thoughts, feelings, and relationships. Over $497 Value.

How much would you spend to be confident in knowing how to raise your children with mental healthsocial maturity and spiritual wisdom, from toddlerhood through adolescence?


The Total Value Is Over $1,888

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📱💻 You will have everything you need for support at your fingertips to help you raise a healthy Christian family.

Your family won't just survive - they'll thrive.

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