Uncover Your Heavenly Identity and Call to Raise World Changers

In the FREE 5-Day Unveiling Heirs Workshop, we teach Christian families how to raise a Spirit-filled healthy home, discussing topics like personal self-care, marriage, parenting, and how to share the love of Christ with others in your community.

From Overwhelmed to Confident Parenting

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Effective Parenting Tips

Learn strategies that Diana teaches the families she works with, and uses herself, as a mom and marriage and family therapist.

In-Depth Teaching 

Get past the baby milk and onto consuming solids with our in-depth family training. You will discover greater insight into how families were meant to function.

Encouraging Community

The best way to grow is in an environment that is positive and encouraging. Be a part of this like-minded group coaching experience.

Dear Christian Parent, 

Maybe you're reading this because you want to raise a strong, healthy Christ-centered family, but you're overwhelmed and frustrated with not knowing what to do and not having someone to mentor you.
Healthy families need direction, feedback, and encouragement in a supportive community with healthy mentoring.
Maybe you're like a lot of other parents, you struggle in parenting because you can't find a mentor who "does" family in a healthy way...without legalistic Christianity...and it's especially difficult when neither parent had that example growing up.
Maybe you are looking for a like-minded community to support you as you raise your world changers but you often find yourself in Christian circles where people try to put a wet blanket on your passion for God because they just don't have that same hunger for more of Him.
I've got good news for you!
I have created a clear approach to raising a Kingdom-minded family that is so practical, you'll see changes in your home almost immediately.
Join me in the FREE 5-Day Unveiling Heirs Workshop.
(A Value of $497, for Free)

What You Will Learn:

1. Kingdom-Minded Family:

  • What it means to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Understand why your family is significant to the impact God wants to bring.
  • The 7 Values of a Kingdom-Minded Family.

2. End Battles with Self-Esteem:
  • The 3 most important components to personal transformation.
  • How to end the feeling of "overwhelm".
3. Weather-Proof Your Marriage
  • The 2 keys to marital unity.
  • The #1 reason why marriages are stressed.
  • The 4 factors that increase risk of divorce.
4. Position Your Children for Success:
  • How to build emotionally healthy and mentally strong children.
  • Clarity on your role as a Kingdom-minded parent.
5. Fulfill Your Calling
  • Why Christians are backsliding and leaving the faith.
  • 7 areas of influence that can change culture.

5-Day Unveiling Heirs Workshop

Uncover Divine Purpose & Practical Tips for Raising a Christian family.









Meet Your Instructor, Diana Bigham

For over ten years as a family and relationship expert, Diana helped thousands of families eliminate excessive fits, increase their children's ability to communicate their feelings, strengthen the parent-child bond, and create sweet peace in the home.

With a private practice in Texas, Diana specializes in developing practical strategies with individuals and families to create a more fulfilling life. She also incorporates simple and fun ways for children to grow their relationship with God.

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