Praying For Your Husband To Spiritually Lead? Follow These 3 Steps.

couples marriage relationship spiritual growth Jun 12, 2022

Do you wish your husband would lead in the home, spiritually?

When a Christian woman get discouraged and hopeless in her marriage, she needs to find someone to inject courage and clarity so she can remember who she is and confidently know what to do.

The problem is, this won't likely come from her husband who won't spiritually lead or cover her.

  • So where does she turn?
  • What can she do?

There are 3 steps to follow when your spouse does not spiritually lead in the home and you desire for him to:

  1. Reset your mind and expectations, while healing your heart. Sometimes the pain we feel in a relationship, and need for it to get better quick, actually gets in the way of our own progress. For example, have you ever wanted your husband to share his feelings with you but when he doesn't, you end up mad and yell at him...only making him not want to be emotionally vulnerable with you? Yup. Been there. Done that. And still needing to monitor my mouth.
  2. Get better tools. Just because you're not fighting, doesn't mean you're growing. Once you have better ways to reset your mind and heal your heart, now what? You have to find ways to communicate with your husband in a way that helps him see just how awesome God created him, without pushing Jesus in his face.
  3. Be persistent. Not nagging your hubby, but persist in the first 2 steps and you'll begin to not only feel better about your marriage, but your man will become a better version of himself. This can be tough because our level of impatience can undermine our own efforts but it will be worth the endurance to grow ourselves despite what our husbands do or don't do.

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