Praying for Spiritual Oneness in Your Marriage?

faith marriage spiritual May 30, 2019

It can be discouraging to not be on the same page spiritually with your spouse.

Part of the joy of marriage is intimacy...into me you see. This is where you are able to share your hopes, dreams, goals, but also your vulnerabilities, fears, and concerns. Sometimes, when you're not on the same page, it feels as though some conversations are hands off and you lose this place of deeper connection and oneness. This is not to say that you must always agree in marriage to be satisfied, but that it can be a challenge for some individuals where you toss the hope of being on the same page because you're not even on the same book. (no pun intended)

Here are keys to breakthrough in a spiritually disconnected marriage where one is a believer and one is not, or one is pursuing a deeper relationship with the Lord than the other.

Think of this like washing dirty hair. Sometimes in these situations, you get negative thoughts floating around your head and you need to wash it off.

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