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Join Diana Bigham as she shares practical insight and tools to raise a healthy Spirit-led family by discussing topics such as parenting, marriage, kingdom lifestyle, self-care, etc. Subscribe on: Apple, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, Castbox


Read great tips and insight on the blog articles, covering a wide range of self care and family topics.

Facebook Community

This Facebook group is created to encourage and equip individuals who love Jesus and want to pursue spiritual and relational growth.


Raising Sweet Peace

Parenting e-course + Facebook community for raising children in the toddler and preschool years. (Great for parents with kids ages 2-6)

"God, Help Me" Book

An excellent quick-to-read parenting book, "God, Help Me: Christ-Centered Solutions for the Frustrated Parent." Available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions. (Great for parents with children under age 13)

Renewing the Heart in an Unbalanced Marriage

Is spiritual unity a desire on your heart but not yet a reality? With this course, you will learn: The three phases of renewing a spiritually unbalanced marriage; How I shifted the way I saw my husband after years of hurt; Keys God revealed to me in releasing emotional pain from marital disconnect; Hear from my husband about his faith journey as I took these steps towards breakthrough.

Unveiling Heirs: Truth in Action

I am offering exclusive access to one of the Unveiling Heirs lessons. This lesson is helps children identify a negative thought, challenge it, and replace it with the truth. (Great for families with children 7-13 years old)

Unveiling Heirs Family Webinar

Gain lifetime access to the Unveiling Heirs Webinar. At the foundation of every believer is 1) the need to confidently hear the voice of God, and 2) to recognize and remove lies from the enemy. See the confidence rise up in your children to know the voice of God and be equipped to remove the lies of the enemy. (Great for families with children 7-13 years old)

Cultivate the Heart

In this archived 3-video course, you will learn how to heal from emotional pain through your personal relationship with God. This course also comes with a free digital journaling guide.

Introduction to the Supernatural Gifts

Teaching your children what it means to co-labor with Christ and release heaven on earth just now became a whole lot simpler.

In this 4-lesson training on three of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, children will not only hear about the power of God, but they will also see it demonstrated in each lesson. Families will also get fun and simple activities to help them grow their relationship with the Holy Spirit.



Meet 1-on-1 with Diana about your business, family life, or other concern. Appointments available in office or online.

**DO NOT SCHEDULE if you want ongoing counseling. This is for stand alone consultation services. For all counseling services, contact Redefine at 817-562-8800, or go to redefinetoday.com


Counseling services are available for couples, families, or individuals of all ages. Contact Redefine at 817-562-8800, or go to redefinetoday.com

Inner Healing Prayer Ministry

Connect with Jesus, release pain, and become more whole-hearted.

Schedule 1-2 hour of time in prayer, healing your heart as Diana facilitates and prays with and for you.

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